Kerala SSLC Biology Chapter 7 Notes Genetics for the Future

Kerala SSLC Biology Chapter 7 Notes Genetics for the Future English Medium

Farmers traditionally adopted the’| method of selection and rearing of cattle and crops of superior hybrid variety. These methods can be considered as traditional biotechnology. But modern biotechnology includes the production of organisms with desired qualities by changing their genetic material. This unit explains how genetic engineering influences diverse area of life.

→ Biotechnology: The use of microorganisms and biological processes for industrial purpose.

→ Genetic engineering : Is the technology of controlling traits of organisms by bringing about desirable changes in the genetic constitution of organisms.

→ Genetic scissors : The enzyme used to cut genes.

→ Genetic glue : The enzyme used to join genes.

→ Vectors : Used to transfer a gene from one cell to another cell.

→ Gene therapy : Is a method of treatment in which the genes that are responsible for diseases are removed and normal functional genes are inserted in their place.

→ Gene mapping : The technology helped to identify the location of a gene in the DNA responsible for a particular trait.

→ Genome : The sum of genetic material present in an organism.

→ Junk genes : The nonfunctional genes.

→ DNA profiling : The technology of testing the arrangement of nucleotides.

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