Plus Two Computer Application Notes Chapter 7 Web Hosting

Kerala State Board New Syllabus Plus Two Computer Application Notes Chapter 7 Web Hosting.

Kerala Plus Two Computer Application Notes Chapter 7 Web Hosting

Web hosting
Buying or renting storage space to store website in a web server and provide service(made available 24×7) to all the computers connected to the Internet. This is called web hosting. Such service providing companies are called web hosts. Programming languages used are PHP, ASP.NET, JSP.NET, etc.

Types of web hosting
Various types of web hosting services are available. We can choose the web hosting services according to our needs depends upon the storage space heeded for hosting, the number of visitors expected to visit, etc.
1) Shared Hosting
2) Dedicated Hosting
3) Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Buying hosting space
We designed a website of our school and we decide our school website to be made available to all over the world, we have to place the website files on a web server for that we have to purchase hosting space(memory space) in a web server.
Following factors to be considered
1) Buying sufficient amount of memory space for storing ourwebsite files
2) If the web pages contain programming contents supporting technology must be consider
3) Based upon the programs select Windows hosting or Linux hosting

Domain Name System(DNS) Registration
Millions of websites are available over Internet so that ourwebsite must be registered with a suitable name. Domain Name registration is used to identify a website over Internet. A domain name must be unique(i.e. no two website with same name is available). So you have to check the availability of domain name before you register it, for this website will help. If the domain name entered is available then we can register it by paying the Annual registration fees through online.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client software When a client requests a website by entering website address. Then FTP client software helps to establish a connection between client computer and remote server computer. Unauthorised access is denied by using username and password hence secure our website files forthat SSH(Secure Shell) FTP simply SFTP is used. Instead of http://, it uses ftp://.
By using FTP client s/w we can transfer(upload) the files from our computer to the web server by using the ‘drag and drop’ method. The popular FTP client software are FileZilla, CuteFTP, SmartFTP, etc.

Free hosting
The name implies it is free of cost service and the expense is meet by the advertisements. Some service providers allow limited facility such as limited storage space, do not allow multimedia(audio and video) files.
A paid service website’s address is as follows

Usually two types of free web hosting services as follows
1) as a directory service.
Service provider’s website address/ ourwebsite address
eg: / bvm hss kalparambu
2) as a Subdomain
Our website address, service providers website address

Earlier web hosting services are expensive but nowadays it is cheaper hence reduced the need for free web hosting.
Example for free web hosting.

Plus Two Computer Application Notes Chapter 7 Web Hosting 1

Content Management System(CMS)
Do you heard about Data Base Management System(DBMS). DBMS is a software(collection of programs) used to create, alter, modify, delete and retrieve records of a DataBase. Similarly, CMS is a collection of programs that is used to create, modify, update and publish website contents. CMS can be downloaded freely and is useful to design and manage attractive and interactive websites with the help of templates that are available in CMS. WordPress, Joomla, etc are examples of CMS.

Responsive web design
The home page is displayed differently according to the screen size of the browser window(different screen sized devices-mobile phone, palmtop, tablet, laptop, and desktop) we used. The website is designed dynamically(flexibly) that suit the screen size of a different device introduced by Ethan Marcotte. Before this, companies have to design different websites for different screen sized devices. By responsive web design, companies have to design only one website that suitably displayed according to the screen size of the devices. It is implemented by using a flexible grid layout, images, and media queries

Flexible grid layouts: It helps to set the size of the web page to fit the screen size of the device.

Flexible image and video: It helps to set the image or video dimension to fit the screen size of the device.

Media queries: There is an option(settings) to select the size of the web page to match our device, this can be done by using media queries inside the CSS file.

A well known Malayalam daily Malayala Manorama launched their responsive website.