Plus Two English Model Question Paper 1

Kerala State Board New Syllabus Plus Two English Previous Year Question Papers and Answers.

Kerala Plus Two English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers


Class Plus Two
Subject English
Category Plus Two Previous Year Question Papers

Time: 21/2 Hours
Cool off time: 15 Minutes
Maximum: 80 Score

General Instructions to candidates:

  • There is a ‘cool off-time’ of 15 minutes in addition to the writing time of 21/2 hours.
  • You are not allowed to write your answers or to discuss anything with others during the cool off time’.
  • Read questions carefully before answering.
  • All questions are compulsory and only internal choice is allowed.
  • When you select a question, all the sub-questions must be answered from the same question itself.
  • Electronic devices except non-programmable calculators are not allowed in the Examina­tion Hall.

(Questions 1 – 3) Read the Excerpt from ‘Matchbox’ and answer the questions that follow.

“An indigent widow, without husband or son, she was successful in consigning her daughter to a wealthy family’s house on the strength of looks alone. But the good lady has never stopped taking credit, at the slightest opportunity, for her skill in the matter”

Question 1.
‘Indigent’in the excerpt means ……… (1)
Poor or destitute

Question 2.
How could she send her daughter to a wealthy family? (1)
She could send her daughter to a wealthy family because of the beauty of her daughter.

Question 3.
Why did it say that she never stopped taking credit? (1)
She is a widow and had no sons. Still, she could marry off her daughter to a wealthy family. So she has never stopped taking credit.

Question 4.
Bring out the message of the following lines from the poem ‘Stammer’ by Satchidanandan
“When a whole people stammer becomes their mother tongue;
Just as it is with us now”. (3)
The poet considers stammer as a sacrifice to the God of meanings. Unknowingly we make a sacrifice to a language by giving a different utterance to it. If all people stammer, it will become an accepted practice and a common phenomenon in society. It would even develop as the mother tongue of the people.

Question 5.
It has been decided to conduct a debate in your school on the topic ‘Women deserve equality and not reservation?’ Write one point to support the topic and one point to counter it. (2)
For – Equality would enable all the talented women to show their skills and flourish in various domains. Against – Equality without any reservation may become a stumbling block to women from entering certain fields as it may limit their opportunities.

Question 6.
Edit the following Notice for errors (4)
Plus Two English Model Question Paper 1, 1
Students are requested to register their names for participating in the Mr. and Ms.Kerala competition. Registration forms are available from the cultural Forum Office. The closing date for registration is 20 March 2018. The event will take place ]n the school auditorium, on Friday, 23 March.

Question 7.
An inter school Badminton singles match is being hosted by your school. You have been selected as the announcer. Prepare the announcement script to introduce the match and the players. (3)
Good morning dear friends,
Welcome to you all to the very exciting Badminton Singles match final being conducted in our school in connection with our Annual Sports Meet. Binoy and Vincent Roy representing SNHSS and GHSS Mavelikkara are to fight for the Badminton singles title 2018. The official scorer of the game is Mr. Daniel and Mr.Vineeth Mohan will be in the pitch counter. The judges are Mr. Ravi Kumar and Mr. John Varghese. Our two referees will be Mr.Roy and Mr.Mevin Jose. We also have our SPC and NSS teams working as volunteers and as table monitors, cheer up crew and snacks suppliers.

Please don’t stand near the court and don’t block the view of our audience. Be assured that we are going to get a feast for our eyes.

Let’s enjoy the match with its splendour. Wish our sports participants a grand success!

Question 8.
The poem ‘Mending wall’ presents the paradox in ‘Something there is that doesn’t love a wall’ and ‘good fences make good neighbours.’ Both seem to be equally true but contrasting points of view. Substantiate your own view on this. (4)
The poet is of the view that man builds walls between their properties for convenience, but nature doesn’t like a wall. He finds no reason for the wall as it blocks the communication between the speaker and the neighbour. He stresses universal brotherhood. But the neighbour is sticking to the tradition. So he says – good fences make good neighbours. It shows that the neighbour likes his privacy and his own space. Actually, the annual act of mending wall provides an opportunity for them to interact or communicate with each other and develop their relationship.

(Questions 9 – 13) Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow.

The issue of road accidents requires serious attention. Day by day, it is becoming a matter of great concern. Call it the negligence of the government or the rashness of the drivers, the underlying fact is that at the end of the day, the common man is the one who suffers the most. The commoner, driving a two-wheeler or walking along the side, who is hit by a speeding car, even though following the traffic rules, has nowhere to go to seek redressal for the grievances or injury.

Part of the problem lies in the attitude and mentality of the driver behind the steering wheel. The car is a personal vehicle and one possesses the freedom to drive it at one’s own will. But one must understand that the road on which one drives is open to the public. This blurring of the division between the public and the private leads to reckless behaviour on the roots. A little consideration for road rules and the adoption of simple safety measures can go a long way in reducing road accidents.

Question 9.
Suggest a suitable title to the passage. (1)
Road safety, Need of the hour

Question 10.
Why does the common man suffer in instances of road accidents? (2)
Because of the rashness of drivers and the negligence of the government

Question 11.
Find out the word which means ‘making unclear’, from the passage. (1)

Question 12.
Give two solutions for reducing road accidents. (2)
Lawbreakers should be punished severely and their license can be cancelled.

Traffic rules should be made more strict and traffic squads must be present in the black spots for checking rash driving in such areas.

Question 13.
Prepare notes based on the above passage in the format. (2)
1. Reasons for road accidents
1.1 negligence of the government
1.2 …………

2. The driver should
2.1 understand ……….
2.2 follow road rules
1.2 rashness of the drivers
2.1 that road is for the public

Question 14.
The following is a conversation among the postal assistant, the policeman and the farmer in the post office of ‘Post Early for Christmas’, when the parcel was suspected to be a time-bomb.
Assistant : It’s a time-bomb, constable
Police man : Bert Higgins. Have you been up to some more of your mischief?
Farmer : Look here, constable, there’s a time-bomb in that parcel
Policeman : Don’t talk nonsense, sir,
Fanner : Very well, the, listen for yourself.
Later Bert Higgins reported the scene to his friends. This is how he began his report:
The assistant told the constable that it was a time-bomb …………. Complete Bert’s report. (4)
The assistant told the constable that it was a time-bomb. The police man then asked me whether I had been up to some more of my mischief. But the farmer told the constable that there was a time-bomb in that parcel. The policeman warned him not to talk nonsense. The farmer replied sarcastically that he should listen for himself.

(Questions 15 – 19) Answer any four questions. Each question carries 5 scores.

Question 15.
A teacher is a mentor and has great role in moulding the personality of a child. Analyse the character of the teacher in the story ‘Crime and Punishment’ by R.K. Narayan.
The story is about a teacher-student relationship. The pranks of the boy made the teacher lose his patience. He lost his control and committed the crime of slapping the boy on his cheek. The teacher failed to manage the boy as he desired. When the boy asks him to repair the train, he gets desperate. At last, the teacher decides to reveal the matter to the boy’s parents because he thinks that it is better than blackmailing the boy. But, when the parents enquire about the boy’s studies at the end, the teacher replies that the child would be alright except for the table of 16. He felt confident that the boy would not give him up.

The teacher trusts the boy much. Whatever may be the attitude of the boy, the teacher hopes for the best from him and believes he would change his attitude. A teacher always aims at the success of his students and his trust, care and love for students are idealized in the role played by the teacher in the story.

Question 16.
You are a participant in a Group Discussion on the topic ‘India needs more job creators than job seekers’. What arguments would you raise? Draft the script for your presentation in about 80 words.
Good morning, everybody!
India is becoming a very highly developed country. It has freedom, and development and it has strengthened itself in many fields like arts, literature, science and technology, economic and military power too. It is seen that most of our talented youth are working abroad. With the increase in technology and scientific advancements, the demand for skilled workers who can contribute to the industrial sector or manufacturing units are still on the rise.

If the young generation entrepreneurs are coming up, it is sure that manifold job opportunities would be created for the needy ones. The new generation has smart ideas and different perspectives and innovations helpful for the people as well as the nation. India, as an agrarian nation, it can make a revolution if the job seekers turn to be job creators.Then we can turn to be a prime nation for research, production and economic development.

Question 17.
In the essay The Three L’s of Empowerment’, Christine Lagarde suggests various means of empowering women. Write a paragraph on the 3 L’s of empowerment suggested by her.
Christine Lagarde recommends 3Ls for the empowerment of women. The 3Ls are learning, labour and leadership. Learning, the key to women empowerment, will enable them to realize their power and break the chains of discrimination. Labour would promote per capita income. She upholds equal pay for equal work and stresses the merit of gender equality.

Leadership will enable women to rise and with their inborn abilities and talents achieve great things. She is optimistic in women’s power of making good decisions with the common agreement and long-term sustainability. She emphasizes that women should be ready to face challenges and it will make all the difference. According to her, the 3Ls would lead to the empowerment of nations by empowering their women.

Question 18.
You are fascinated by the innovative ventures undertaken by Irfan Alam, and decide to invite him to your school for a career orientation talk. Write an email to him inviting him to talk to the students and teachers of your school.
The Principal
Crescent Public School
Mala, Pin: 680 310

Irfan Alam
Sammaa N Foundation
Kalina, Mumbai
Pin : 580 010 18.08.2018

Dear sir,
Sub: Invitation to deliver a lecture

We are really proud of your venture SammaaN Foundation as it has uplifted the lives of many people especially rickshaw pullers.

It gives us immense pleasure to learn that the innovative ventures undertaken by you are helping the rickshaw pullers as it would benefit them as well as the society. It is sure, if the present generation gains more knowledge on latent opportunities and develops entrepreneurship skills accordingly, it can uplift our society. We strongly believe that by being experienced in this Venture, you are the apt person to inspire the new generation, to make them you aspire for greater things.

Hence sir, we invite you to our institution. We, the student and the teaching community, would be privileged if you spare some time to come for motivating the budding entrepreneurs with a career orientation talk. We will arrange a session at our school according to your convenience.
Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,
Nithin Babu

Question 19.
In ‘Horegallu’, Sudha Murthy shows how a burden of troubles can be relieved by talking to a good listener. Comment on the suitability of the title ‘Horegallu’
Horegallu means a stone that can hold weight. Sudha Murthy says that the burden of troubles can be relieved by talking to a good listener. As it is said in the anecdote, it refreshes the tired man. It helps him to regain his strength. When our problems are shared, it gives mental relief even though it won’t get us any solution. Similarly, when one takes rest during a journey, it revives and refreshes him. Thus it gives physical relief. So it can be said that horegallu is a relief in all ways and the title is suitable.

(Questions 20 – 22) Answer any two questions. Each question carries 6 scores.

Question 20.
Drug addiction is a problem that is increasing steadily in our society today. Prepare a write up in about 200 words on the physical consequences and the social impact of Drug Abuse.


Many people abuse drugs for some temporary pleasure without realizing how dangerous drug abuse can be. Drug abuse has both mental and physical impacts. The drug addict experiences sensory deprivation. He ba$ a general feeling of physical discomfort and there are personality changes in him. the addict feels depressed. He fails to respond to his environment or to other people. His mental disturbance can be like paranoia.

The addict knows he has a problem but he does not know what the cause for it is. He looks at external objects with suspicion. Anything outside scares him and draws further and further into himself. There are also drug related physical disorders. Dry needles and solutions used for injecting drugs can cause abscesses in the arms and veins. They can cause liver disease, venereal diseases and infection of the kidney and brain. Sniffing cocaine and amphetamines can damage the tissue of the nose.

Marijuana and tobacco smoking can cause lung diseases. Babies of women who are addicted to opiates are likely to be born addicted and suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine and amphetamines cause hair fall. Marijuana can damage cells. A drug addict can easily get pneumonia, tuberculosis, malnutrition and weight loss. An overdose of any sensual drug can cause respiratory or cardiac failure and death.

Question 21.
An anti-corruption campaign is being conducted in your school. You are asked to deliver a speech. Draft a speech on the topic “Corruption: the curse that ruins society.”


Respected Principal, my dear teachers, and friends, The word corruption comes from the Latin word ‘corruptus’ which has something to do with abuse or destroy. It now means dishonest or illegal behaviour. In philosophical, theological or moral discussions, corruption is spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal. We often use this word in matters related to economy. Corruption is payment for services which a person has to get free in the normal course of law. This may be called bribery or kickback.

But it is known by different names in different countries. Small bribes are called ‘baksheesh’ in the Middle East, ‘For petrol’ in some African countries, ‘for tea’ in India. Small scale corruption is worse in developing countries than in developed countries. In the government office we often have to pay bribes even to get small things done. Go to the local government office for a birth certificate, death certificate, income certificate or something of that kind.

You won’t easily get them unless you are ready to pay the official who issues the certificate. In Kerala corruption is worst, people say, in the Registration offices and Transport offices. To get a property registered, to get a driving license, etc., you end up bribing the officials responsible for doing that work, If you don’t bribe them they will make you go to the office a number of times and you will end up spending more money on transport and other things if you are coming from a distant place.

Corruption is a universal phenomenon. I have heard people saying that in the Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark and in some European countries like Switzerland there is less corruption. At one time China was reputed to be with less corruption but things have changed there now. Kerala, which is reputed to be God’s own country, is a den of corrupt officials who will ask for a bribe for everything. If you don’t wear a helmet while riding your bike or a seat belt while driving, you can always hope to get away by giving the officer a small bribe. Recently the nation was shocked by stories of huge corruption.

The 2-G spectrum scam, the Adarsh flat scam, the coal-field scam, etc., involve millions of rupees and big politicians and bureaucrats. People are corrupt because of their insatiable greed. Some people say you can make government officials free from corruption by giving them adequate salaries and other benefits. But the question is how much is ‘adequate’?

I am not a pessimist by nature. But somehow I feel that corruption will stay with man because of his nature to acquire more and more and it can’t be eradicated completely. Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev are trying to free India from corruption. I think theirs is a fond dream.

Question 22.
The following is an advertisement that came in a leading newspaper. You are qualified to apply for the same. Prepare a job application letter and a resume to apply for the post.
Plus Two English Model Question Paper 1, 2

The Director
Ethihad Airways

In response to your advertisement in The Hindu dated 10/03/2018, I would like to apply for the post of Onboard Food and Beverage Manager in your firm. As far as my qualification, I have passed Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management from MG University. I have 3 years of experience in the same field. I enclose my CV and relevant certificates for your further consideration.

Sir, I assure you, if selected, I will do my best to your entire satisfaction.

Yours sincerely,

Plus Two English Model Question Paper 1, 3

(Questions 23 – 25) Answer any two questions. Each question carries 8 Scores.

Question 23.
An Essay Writing Competition is being conducted in your school in connection with the Environment Day celebrations. Write an essay on the environmental crisis, suggesting possible measures to overcome it.
In recent times many environmental problems have increased as a result of human activities which induce many undesirable effects on the environment which can be threatening to human health, economic and natural resources.

Earth is home to million of species. The global human ecosystem is getting affected by various factors like climate change, pollution, land contamination, ozone depletion, soil erosion, degradation, habitat loss etc. If the earth is to remain a supportive habitat for humans and other species, then there should be an immediate solution to this. Hence there should be an awareness of the need for conserving natural resources and resultant loss due to its exploitation. Overpopulation is putting greater pressure on essential natural resources leading to a struggle for existence.

As a remedy to this global illness, certain measures can be adopted to reduce its intensity. For example, fossil fuels can be replaced with renewable energy. Overgrazing, monoculture planting, overexposure to pollutants, and other such factors aggravate soil damage. Crop rotation would be a savior here.

Initiatives from the School level would propagate this mission easily. Distributing seeds and saplings for Kitchen garden, bio-gas plants, herbal garden, seed bank, maintaining vermin-composing pits and constructing water harvesting structure, etc., would enable us to preserve natural resources for our posterity. Moreover, environment-friendly technology should be adopted. Renewable energy resources would enhance ecological balance and industrial growth also.

Question 24.
You are deputed to cover the boxing match between Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas for a local newspaper. Prepare a news report giving emphasis to the climax of the contest.
Golden Gloves Championship Tournament Selection Square Park, 7 Aug: Feliz Vargas and Antonio Cruz, the well-known boxing champions fought each other in the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament Selection match to find out who will represent their town.

The fight was at Tompkins Square Park. The square was filled with people. Both the contestants appeared on the stage and the crowd cheered them up. They bowed gracefully and raised their arms. The match started. During the rounds, both took some heavy blows and sustained damage. At the end of the final round, the boys fought so intensely that they did not hear the bell. The crowd was uneasy, fearing further violence.

However, when the referee was about to announce the winner, they had already left the ring and their friendship restored. The game showed that they care more about their friendship than they care about winning the match. It was really a match with good sporting spirit and a display of true friendship as well.

Question 25.
Read the following poem and prepare an appreciation of it, comparing it with ‘Any woman’ by Katherine Tynan.

Mother O’ Mine
– Rudyard Kipling-

If I were hanged on the highest hill,
Mother O’ mine, O mother O’ mine!
I know whose love would follow me still,
Mother O’mine, O mother O’mine.

If I were drowned in the deepest sea,
Mother O’mine, O mother O’mine
I know whose tears would come down to me,
Mother O’ mine, O mother O’ mine!

If I were damned of body and soul,
I know whose prayers would make me whole,
Mother O’ mine, O mother O’ mine!
“Mother O’ Mine” by Rudyard Kipling speaks of the exceptional love of a mother. If the poet is hanged on the highest hill, his mother would follow him to that height. If he was drowned in the deepest sea, his mother’s tears would go down to him. If his body and soul were damned, it would be the prayers of the mother that would save him.

No one in the world is comparable to a mother and her love for her child. | “Any Woman” by Katherine Tynan shows the importance of the mother. She is the pillar of the house. She is the keystone of the arch, if you take her away, the roof and the wall will fall down. She is the fire upon the hearth, She is the light of the sun. She is the heat that warms the sun. The children get their warmth from her.

She is the light if their love. Without her, the children would not thrive. She holds the children together. She is the wall that protects the children from all kinds of dangers. She constantly prays to God to keep her alive until her children are grown up.

Both poems celebrate the importance of mothers. There are apt personifications in both poems. There is also hyperbole in both of them. There is also repetition in ^eth. Both are short and sweet. Between the two, I prefer Mother O’ Mine by Kipling.