Plus Two English Textbook Answers Unit 3 Challenges of Life

Kerala State Board New Syllabus Plus Two English Textbook Answers Unit 3 Challenges of Life Text Book Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes.

Kerala Plus Two English Textbook Answers Unit 3 Challenges of Life

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Challenges of Life About The Unit

Teenage is the period of dreams and hopes, enthusiasm and adventure. It is the most appropriate time to develop different views of life and to understand the challenges of the world. In this unit we will see the lives and attitudes of people who have made contributions to the society in their own ways. Definitions of success have changed. Success is not about just making money. It is about pursuing excellence to make a difference in the society. The unit introduces the concept of ‘entrepreneurship’ and emphasizes the dignity of labour.

The Unit has an interview with a young entrepreneur, a personal story and a poem. Irfan Alam tells us how concepts of business can be used for a social cause successfully. ‘Didi’ tells us how a 19-year old girl mad a difference in the slums of Mumbai. The ‘Stammer’tells us how something looks different when viewed from a different point.

Let’s Begin

Look at the following cartoon strip, Can you build a story on them?
Plus Two English Textbook Answers Unit 3 Challenges of Life 1

Question 1.
Use your imagination to develop a story in the above comic strip. Make sure to give your story a beginning, a climax (turning point) and an ending. You can add details about the setting of the story (time and place) and the characters (name, profession, personality traits etc.) Discuss your ideas with your partner and modify your story. Now narrate the story to your class. Have fun!
Gopal worked as a chef in a restaurant. He prepared delicious meals for the customers and people came to the restaurant to enjoy Gopal’s food. He was a happy with a loving wife and a darling daughter.

It was Monday the 10th of May 2014. As usual Gopal went to his restaurant to do his work. He was summoned to the office of the Manager. Gopal got the shock of his life when his manager told him that he was fired from his job as he got another trained chef in his place. Gopal did not wait to argue with the rude manager, who dismissed him from service without any notice or any valid reason.

With a sad heart Gopal was walking back home thinking what he would to make a living. He was passing by the local bus stop. There were many people waiting for the bus. Suddenly he saw a bird sitting on an electric wire with a straw in her beaks. It was trying to build a nest. An idea suddenly occurred to him: “Why don’t I begin a restaurant here?” There was an empty shop nearby which he could get on rent. The problem was money.

He went home and told his wife what happened. She was an understanding wife. She immediately took out her bangles and told him to pawn them to get money to start a small restaurant. He was reluctant to take the bangles. But she insisted. He went to the local financiers and got a loan. With the loan, he started “Gopal’s Food Comer” near the bus stop. Gopal’s Food Comer became very popular within days. Soon he got the bangles back and bought a couple more for his wife. The Food Corner soon developed into a big restaurant with a lot tables and chairs for customers. Even as Gopal is sitting on the Manager’s chair, he has not forgotten his past.

Question 2.
Comment on the following quotes:
a) “If plan A didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool!”
This is a very positive and optimistic quote. Sometimes people feel very disappointed when their plan fails. They feel sad and disappointed as if the whole world has crashed. The quote tells us that if a plan has failed there are other plans you can pursue. There can be plan A, plan B, plan C, etc. A is just one letter in the alphabet. There are 25 more! So be cool and don’t get worried.

b) If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs. ”
All people, especially the youths, have dreams. But often we are afraid to build them for fear of failure. That is why many educated people look for government jobs because they feel secure there. But if you are intelligent and adventurous try to build your own dream. Bill Gates and Mukesh Ambani had big dreams. They hired people to build their dream. So instead of working for others to realize their dreams, be courageous and be an entrepreneur, building your own dreams.

Question 3.
Can you find more quotes on success? Collect them and write them on the chart to display in the classroom.

  • Where there is a will there is away.
  • Rome was not built in a day.
  • No pain, no gain.
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • Success favours the lion-hearted.
  • Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that matters.

Read And Reflect

Question 1.
Most of the teenagers dream big. Some of them pursue their dreams, choosing a different path from others. They plan their own route of life. Success is for those who think big and act differently.

Question 2.
Have you heard about ‘entrepreneurship’. Meet an entrepreneur who changed the lives of many people through his innovative enterprise. Here is an interview with him.