Plus Two Business Studies Previous Year Question Paper March 2017

Kerala State Board New Syllabus Plus Two Business Studies Previous Year Question Papers and Answers.

Kerala Plus Two Business Studies Previous Year Question Paper March 2017 with Answers

Class Plus Two
Subject Business Studies
Category Plus Two Previous Year Question Papers

Time: 2½ Hours
Cool off time : 15 Minutes

General Instructions to Candidates

  • There is a ‘cool off time’ of 15 minutes in addition to the writing time of 2½ hrs.
  • You are not allowed to write your answers nor to discuss anything with others during the ‘cool off time’.
  • Use the ‘cool off time’ to get familiar with the questions and to plan your answers.
  • Read questions carefully before you answering.
  • All questions are compulsory and the only internal choice is allowed.
  • When you select a question, all the sub-questions must be answered from the same question itself.
  • Calculations, figures, and graphs should be shown in the answer sheet itself.
  • Malayalam version of the questions is also provided.
  • Give equations wherever necessary.
  • Electronic devices except non-programmable calculators are not allowed in the Examination Hall.

Question 1.
National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) started its operations in
a. 1992
b. 1994
c. 1993
d. 2000

Question 2.
Jewellery is an example of
a. Convenience Product
b. Durable Product
c. Shopping Product
d. Non-durable Product

Question 3.
Zero working capital means
a. Current Asset > Current Liability
b. Current Asset < Current Liability
c. Current Asset = Current Liability
d. Current AssetCurrent Liability

Question 4.
“in spite of global economic crisis India is expected to achieve a growth rate of 6.8% in the F-Y. 2015-16.” In light of the above statement briefly explain the impact of Government policy changes in business and Industry.

Question 5.
Explain briefly the techniques of Scientific Management as propounded by F.W. Taylor.

Question 6.
Capital structure is the ratio between owned capital and borrowed capital. Several factors are to be considered in determining an appropriate capital structure.
Prepare a chart showing the factors affecting the capital structure.

Question 7.
Spot the odd one:
a. Production Manager
b. Marketing Manager
c. General Manager
d. Personal Manager

Question 8.
The integration of the various economics of the world-leading to¬wards the emergence of a cohesive global economy is known as______

Question 9.
State the important characteristics of entrepreneurship.

Question 10.
“Pianning is certainly important as it tells us where to go; it provide direction and reduces the risk of uncertainly. Briefly explain the importance of planning in the light of above statement.

Question 11.
“It’s a managerial function of filing and keeping filled the positions in the or¬ganization structure.” Identify the management function and state different steps followed in it.

Question 12.
Diagrammatically present communication process involved in a telephonic conversation between X and Y.

Question 13.
“It is a decision regarding the distribution of profit to shareholders.” Identify the decision and explain the factors affecting such decisions.

Question 14.
The basic material upon which plans are drawn is known as________

Question 15.
Match the following:
Plus Two Business Studies Previous Year Question Paper March 2017 Q15

Question 16.
Volks Wagen a famous car manufacturing company decided to call back some of its models due to poor pollution standards. By doing so they upheld one of the objectives of management. Briefly explain the objectives of management in the light of above action.

Question 17.
“Packaging performs a number of functions in the marketing of goods.”Give the important functions of packaging.

Question 18.
V.Guard Ltd. a leading company in Kerala is engaged in diversified business namely electricals, textil es, amusement parks etc Each of these have different departments namely marketing. Prduction fina nee, Research and Development etc. Suggest a suitable organizational structure to this company and list its merits and demerits.

Question 19.
Briefly explain different methods of floating new issues in the primary market.

Question 20.
Identify the idea behind the diagram and explain its importance.
Plus Two Business Studies Previous Year Question Paper March 2017 Q20

Question 21.
Consumers also have some responsibility while purchasing and consuming goods and services. Do you agree with this? State any four consumer responsibility in this regard.

Question 22.
a. Pecuniary and non-pecuniary incentives are used to motivate employees to improve their performance. Explain the pecuniary and non-pecuniary incentives used by organizations nowadays.
b. What is leadership? What qualities should a leader possess to become a successful one? Briefly explain its different styles.

Question 23.
a. After completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing, Smt. Jayas- ree was appointed as the Marketing Manager of Alpha Ltd. She is of the opinion that the marketing effort of her organization should be formulated after analysing the concept behind it. Explain different marketing management concepts she should consider before formulating her marketing strategies.
b. “It is a process of giving a name or sign or symbol to a product.” Identify the definition and explain its advantage to marketing and consumers.