Kerala Syllabus 10th Standard Social Science Notes Chapter 7 India after Independence

Kerala State Syllabus 10th Standard Social Science Notes Chapter 7 India after Independence

India faced many challenges and crises after independence. The problems faced by independent India were communal riots, refugee problem, integration of princely states and formation of linguistic states. The new government of India was able to solve these problems successfully. The unit also deals with the progress attained by India in the economic, scientific, educational, space research and cultural fields.

→ Refugee problem : Following the partition of India, there was an influx of refugees from India to Pakistan and from Pakistan to India. This was the important problem that independent India had to face.

→ Integration of Princely States : The merging of princely states which were ruling independently intothe Indian Union.

→ Instrument of Accession : A legal document signed by the princely states agreeing to join with the Indian Union.

→ Constituent Assembly : The body constituted to frame a constitution for India. Dr.Rajendra Prasad was the Chairman of Assembly. The Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the constitution was B.R.Ambedkar.

→ State Reorganization Commission : The Commission constituted in 1953 to reorganize Indian states on linguistic basis. Justice Fazal Ali was the Chairman of the Commission.

→ Mixed economy : An economic system which is a synthesis of capitalism and socialism. It gives preference to the development of the public sector.

→ Five Year Plans : The projects launched by the Planning Commission aimed at the economic progress of the nation. The First Five Year Plan was launched in 1951.

→ Panchsheel Principles : The Sino-Indian agreement of 1954 for peaceful co-existence.

India after Independence – Important Years and Events

  • 1947 – India became independent
  • 1948 – Martyrdom of Gandhiji / Dr.Radhakrishnan Commission
  • 1950 – India became a Republic/Planning Commission formed
  • 1951 – First Five Year Plan
  • 1952 – The first general election/ Lakshmana Swami Mudaliar Com-mission
  • 1953 – Formation of Andhra state/States Reorganisation Commission
  • 1956 – Indian States Reorganization Act and formation of 14 linguistic states
  • 1964 – Kothari Commission
  • 1961 – Formation of ISRO
  • 1975 Launching of Aryabhata
  • 1986 – New Education Policy

Kerala Syllabus 10th Standard Social Science Notes