Plus Two English Model Question Paper 3

Kerala Plus Two English Model Question Paper 3

Time: 2 1/2 Hour
Cool off time: 15 Minutes
Maximum: 80 Score

Qns (1-3) Read the given excerpts from the lesson ‘The 3 Ls of Empowerment’ and answer the questions that follow.
‘They are more likely to make decisions based on consensus-building, inclusion, compassion and With a focus on long-term sustainability.’

Question 1.
Who are they referred to here?

Question 2.
What does the expression consensus-building’ mean here?
(i) arriving at a decision.
(ii) collaborative problem solving
(iii) compromise
(iv) consent

Question 3.
Find the word opposite in meaning compassion?
(i) concern
(ii) care
(iii) coldness
(iv) consideration

Question 4.
Complete the following with suitable adverbs. Choose from the box.

Almost Ever Very Seldom
Sometimes Clearly perhaps Certainly

1. I have ………..finished.
2. He is clever ………
3. There is…….something wrong. ,
4. ………..I think I should take a long break.
5 ……… her train is late.
6. He is late for work.
7. She is ………..the right person for the job.
8. Have you…….wanted to run away?

Question 5.
Imagine that you convene a meeting of the residents of the local area to discuss the problem of poor healthcare facilities.’ Prepare the script of a speech which you would deliver on the occasion. Write the speech in about 120 words.
[Hints: lack of healthcare- the threat of epidemics- the suffering of poor people neglect of the authorities…. suggestions]

Question 6.
In the play ‘The Hour of truth ‘ Baldwin refuses to tell a lie in the court to save Gresh­ am who had offered him a hundred thousand dollars. As John, one of the characters in the play, says a hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money. How do you justify Baldwins action?

Qns(7-9).“Yeah, that’s right. Listen, Tony. Don’t you think it’s a good idea if we don’t see each other until the day of the fight? I’m going to stay with my Aunt Lucy in the Bronx.”Tony scratched his nose pensively. “Yeah, it would be better for our heads.” He held out his hand, palm upward. “Deal?” “Deal.” Felix lightly slapped open skin.
“Ready for some more running?”
Tony asked lamely.
“No, bro. Let’s cut it here.

Question 7.
What makes the two friends decide they should maintain a certain gap?

Question 8.
What is the fight that these boys are talking about?

Question 9.
Why does Felix deny Tony’s invitation for further jogging?

Question 10.
Edit the following letter supplying the correct tense form wherever necessary:
Plus Two English Model Question Papers Paper 3
(Qns. 11-13) Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.
“The child ran towards his parents gaily and walked abreast of them for a while; be­ing, however, soon left behind, attracted by the little insects and worms along the footpath that were teeming out from their hiding places to enjoy the sunshine.”

Question 11.
Why did the insects and worms come out of the hiding place?

Question 12.
What is the meaning of ‘abreast’?
(far ahead/side by side/ in front of/opposite)

Question 13.
Pick out the words and expressions that convey the pleasant atmosphere.

Question 14.
The Literary Club of your school decides to enact the play Post Early for Christmas in connection with the school anniversary. Prepare a script for announcing the pro­gramme climax of the play.

Question 15.
Imagine that your school has conducted a seminar on the topic ‘The vicious web of drugs spoils the dreams and life of the young generation as per the following sched­ule, Study the schedule and prepare a report of the seminar to be Submitted to your teacher.
Plus Two English Model Question Papers Paper 3.1

Question 16.
Insert suitable prepositions in the following blanks.
“You must never set up any sort-contrariness or repression.. ..the child’s mind”, declared the parents. “You’ll damage him …. life. It, no doubt, requires a lot ………. discipline …….. our part, but it is worth it”, they declared primly. “We shall be bringing up a healthy citizen”.

Question 17.
“Young people drive as though their vehicle is a battle bank. They seem to harbour a sense of unmatched power which is matched by an abject lack of concern for pe­destrians. With alcohol, all these attributes are magnified manifold”, says Dr.Harish Shetty, Mumbai-based Psychiatrist. Write an editorial for a newspaper expressing your viewpoints on the above-mentioned issue
Question 18.
If you were the reporter of a reputed national daily, how will you report the death of Kalpana Chawla in the newspaper that was published on February 2nd, 2003? Include details including her personal life.

Question 19.
You are selected to introduce the performance of the play to the spectators. Prepare a script for it.


Answer 1.

Answer 2.
Collaborative problem solving

Answer 3.

Answer 4.

  • I have almost finished.
  • He is very clever.
  • There is clearly something wrong.
  • Sometimes I think I should take a long break
  • Perhaps her train is late.
  • He is seldom late for work.
  • She is certainly the right person for the job.
  • Have you ever wanted to run away?

Answer 5.
Respected dignitaries on the dais and my dear brothers and sisters,

I am here before you to open my heart on very important issues related to this area. As in other areas of the district our locality too, is affected by epidemics. This is due to the poor health care facilities. It is high time we thought of taking strong decisions.

Dear friends, I think, lack of health care is the chief cause of the outbreak of diseas­es. You know the saying ‘Health is Wealth’. Therefore everyone should take care of his health. We have already appealed to the au­thorities to take necessary steps. We have to take the necessary preventive measures. The most urgent one being the mosquito con­trol. Our locality is mosquito infested. We ourselves should be very careful in control­ling the pests. We should not throw away the waste. Everyone should try his/her level best to avoid plastic wastes and polluted water.

The wastes should be kept in bins and take the necessary steps to destroy them. We should seek the help of the authorities to do this. Proper sanitation and sewerage arrange­ments should be implemented. We should give maximum effort to make our place clean. Everybody should think it is his duty

Only then we can control it. Awareness prog­rammes also should be conducted for this. To put it briefly health care is the greatest thing in the world.

Thanking you

Answer 6.
Robert Baldwin worked as the secretary in the national bank. He was an honest, diligent and hardworking employee of Mr. John Gresham. He is a man of principles. He has been working in the bank for more than 35 years for trivial enumeration. He has a strong love for his family. A man in this middle age, he has never waved off his virtues ever in his life. He is kind and loyal to others. His personality is deep-rooted in a set of principles. He never wavers or compromises with his mortality. Even when he encounters chance of being a fabulously rich person, he denies it. He works for truth and lives by it.

Answer 7.
The match was coming up and the boys thought it would be better if they didn’t see each other for a while. Both of them wanted to be strangers inside the ring so as to fight well. So they decided to maintain a certain gap.

Answer 8.
The fight is to decide who goes to be the winner and represent the Boys’ Club in the Golden Gloves Championship Tourna­ment.

Answer 9.
They were both restless at the thought that they had to meet in the ring the next day. He said so with the expectation that after the fight, they could get it together again like nothing ever happened.

Answer 10.
Am writing, withdrew, was, received

Answer 11.
The insects and worms came out of the hid­ing place to enjoy the sunshine.

Answer 12.
side by side

Answer 13.
gaily, teeming Out, sunshine, etc.

Answer 14.
Curtain rising!
Post Early for Christmas

The literary club of ABC public school proudly announces the staging of the hu­morous, entertainer and evergreen play ‘Post Early for Christmas’ on 10th Decem­ber 2015, in connection with the annual day celebrations of our school. The play, written by R.H Wood, is directed by our art teach­er Gautam Kumar. The play will be staged by the budding actors and actresses of our school. The play will be staged with all pomp and show at the school auditorium from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

The play ‘Post Early for Christmas’, takes place inside a small post office in an English village and centers on a parcel that is mis­taken for a time bomb. It is a hilarious com­edy which makes us think of the pettiness of people and how unthinking we are.

Come on friends; get ready to laugh heart­ily at the comedies inside a post office. For entry and tickets please, contact the literary head captain.

Background setting: Sree Chithira curtains
Light and sound: Sangam lights and sounds

Answer 15.
Report of the Seminar on ‘The vicious web of drugs spoils the dreams and life of the young generation’, conducted by the Cul­tural Forum of St. Jerome’s HSS, Thambalam. A seminar on the topic, ‘The vicious web of drugs spoils the dreams and life of the young generation’ were conducted in St. Je­rom’s HSS, Thambalam, under the auspices of the School Cultural Forum, on 17.10.2015 at 2.00 pm at the school auditorium.

The seminar, which started with a solemn prayer by the school choir, was presided over by the School PTA President Sri. Harish Menon. The school principal, Smt. Mumthas Iqbal welcomed the dignitaries and the gathering. PTA President, Sri Harish Menon, while addressing the gathering spoke about the dangerous habit of drug use which is creeping into the young genera­tion.

The Honourable Minister for Cultural Af­fairs, Sri. Bala Subramaniam, who inaugu­rated the seminar, appreciated the school authorities for conducting such a relevant programme in the school. He also mention­ed some of the very dangerous tendencies among our youth and promised to ensure the implementation of sudden and effective measures for checking the tendency. Municipal Councillor, Smt. Smitha Narayan and the Clinical Psychologist Dr. George Varghese also spoke against the practice of drug abuse, while felicitating the seminar.

Very effective and authoritative papers were presented on different topics related to drug abuse such as ‘Reasons for the Tendency’, ‘Consequences of Drug Abuse’, ‘Possible and effective measures to check Substance Abuse’ and ‘Need for giving Awareness among Youth to follow their Dreams’. Stu­dent representatives, Kum. Aruna Arjun, Master Shyam Pothen, Master Nirmal Biju and Kum. Swaliha Akbar’ deserve apprecia­tion and gratitude as they did their job sin­cerely and meticulously.

After a fruitful interactive session, the school chairman, Master Bimal Biswas, pro­posed vote of thanks and the seminar came to an end by 5.00 pm by the recitals of Na­tional Anthem when the whole auditorium stood motionless and silent.

Answer 16.
a. “You must never set up any sort-contra­riness or repression in the child’s mind”, declared the parents. “You’ll damage him for life. It, no doubt, requires a lot of discipline on our part, but it is worth it”, they declared primly. “We shall be bringing up a healthy citizen”.

Answer 17.
Ours is a country of young and careless drivers. Many people are getting killed at a fast rate. WHO data names road accidents as the second major reason or fatalities for children of 5-14 age group The report also suggests that road traffic facilities are pre­dicted to rise to the fifth leading cause of death by 2030.

When young people drive, they seem to feel omnipotent. According to Joint Com­missioner of Police (Traffic) Mumbai. V.V. Phansalkar, in 55 to 60 percent of road accidents the people involved are between the age group of 16 and 40 years. The risk tak­ing ability of young people is higher. The fear of death is lower too. “Nowhere in the world the traffic signals are supplemented by a constable”, says Haresh Bajal, Deputy Commissioner of Police Mumbai.

Lack of dedicated road safety department can be considered as one of the serious cri­ses we face in India. We feel that road safety is everyone’s business. Thus it becomes no­body’s business.

The number of vehicles on the road contin­ues to grow. The total registered vehicles in the country grew at a high rate between 2001 and 2011. The riders of two wheel­ers do not wear helmets. Traffic Policemen say that the main reason behind the high number of casualties is the helmetless habit; triple riding comes next. Alcohol and rash driving remain significant too.

The Kerala Crime Records Bureau says 35, 218 accidents were registered in the state in 2011. Rash driving is the reason. Most of the young people were using drugs and narcotics while driving. After taking drugs these youth ride bikes for a thrill and end up in accidents. If the parents monitor their children properly, the number of accidents involving youth will be decreased.

The youth are careless for the results of ac­cidents. This could be due to lack of fear of the law.

India, the world leader in road deaths, needs to get its act together for a plan to be realised for effectively managing traffic system. Oth­erwise we will keep on killing ourselves and others.

Answer 18.
Kalpana Chawla

India’s Pride Passes Away

New Delhi; 2nd February 2003: Kalpana Chawla, the proud daughter of the globe passed away when the Space Shuttle Co­lumbia and her crew perished here yester­day. The tragedy happened during entry, sixteen minutes prior to scheduled landing. She was 42.

After the success of her first space flight in Columbia in 1997, her achievements attract­ed world-wide attention. Through strong determination, intelligence and belief in herself, .she became the first Indian woman to travel to space.

Kalpana was born on July 1st, 1961 at Karnal in Haryana. After obtaining a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, she was offered a job as an ad-hoc Lecturer in the Punjab En­gineering College. She completed her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado.

It was J.P.Harrison who encouraged her to follow her dreams and to fly. She represents not only India and the USA but also the whole world.

Answer 19.
Good Morning Ladies and gentlemen,
It’s my privilege to introduce before you the famous play by the renowned writer of one-act plays Percival Wilde: The Hour of Truth. The Hour of Truth is indeed an in­tense psychological study of the corrupting influence of money on people. The playwright reveals instances of greed from a myriad of different points of view. All individuals are tempted by greed at one point or another in life. This particular story shows how easily people forget their morals and upbringings when money is close by. The story centers on Mr. Baldwin and his family. Mr. Baldwin has to choose between being honest and be­ing dishonest. And the climax that follows has an excellent message. Now, come, watch and enjoy the spectacle. The Hour of Truth by Percival Wilde.

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