Plus Two English Model Question Paper 4

Kerala Plus Two English Model Question Paper 4

Time: 2 1/2 Hour
Cool off time: 15 Minutes
Maximum: 80 Score

(Qns. 1-3)Read the following excerpt from the lesson ‘Dangers of Drug Abuse’ and answer the questions that follow.
It is now often considered naive to expend energy on solving a problem when there is an easy way out. It is a simple step from ‘look what drugs do for me when I feel depressed ’, to ‘imagine what drug can do for me when I feel good already’.

Question 1.
What is the problem discussed here?

Question 2.
What is an easy way?

Question 3.
Write a paragraph on the mental as well as the physical impact of drug abuse

Question 4.
Fill in the blanks with the most suitable option.
passed away, do without, look forward to, called off, made up, carried away, break out, run out, put up with, keep up.

  1. Don’t smoke in the forest. Fires…………. easily at this time of the year.
  2. I……….. seeing my friends again.
  3. I’m afraid; we have ………… of apple juice. Will an orange juice do?
  4. Your website has helped me a lot to…………… the good work.
  5. A friend of mine has ……….. her wedding.
  6. His mother can’t……….. his terrible behaviour anymore.
  7. As an excuse for being late, she…………. a whole story.
  8. I got……….. his enthusiasm.
  9. I just can not………….. my mobile. I always keep it with me.
  10. She was very sad because of her father………….. last week

(Qns. 5-7) Read the following lines from the poem ‘This Is Going to Hurt Just a Little Bit’ and answer the questions that follow.
And it is all cluttered up with stone
crushers and concrete mixer sand drills
and steam rollers and there isn’t a nerve in your head that you aren’t being irked on.

Question 5.
What does the poet mean by‘it’here?

Question 6.
Bring out the humour used in these lines.

Question 7.
Who is the author of the poem?

Question 8.
The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line. List them as shown in the example.
Eg:- Time is Very precious than money. Ans.Very more

  1. Money once loses can be regained,  (a) ………….
  2. But time once lost was lost forever. (b) ………….
  3. Those who don’t act in time have to repent in the future (c) ………….
  4. A lost opportunity may soil once life. (d) ……………..

(Qns. 9-11) Read the following excerpt from the anecdote ‘Didi’ and answer ques­tions that follow.
‘One day I walked into a sprawling, a low-income community which was a maze of tiny alley was, buzzing with life. An estimated 10,000 people lived here with no running water, no system of waste disposal, and shared six dark cubicle toilets that lined an adjoining alley.’

Question 9.
Name the lady who visited the community

Question 10.
What did she see there?

Question 11.
What does the word ‘maze’ mean here
(a) group
(b) mess
(c) place
(d) area

Question 12.
Imagine that you won the National Green Corps (NGC) Award for coordinating the activities of your school eco club. The award would be given away by the Governor of the state in the presence of the Chief Minister, the Minister for Home Affairs and cer­tain other dignitaries. You are supposed to deliver a speech after receiving the award. Draft the speech you are likely to deliver

Question 13.
In his speech, Dr.Kalam says: “When it comes to burning social issues like those relat­ed to women, dowry, girl child and others, we make loud drawing room protestations and continue to do the reverse at home. Our excuse? It’s the whole system which has to change”.

Write an editorial on the changes that have to be brought in the system so as to im­prove the condition of women in India

Question 14.
A debate was conducted in the class on the topic ‘who is an ideal wife’-a wife who lives according to the wishes of the husband or a wife with strong views and opinions?
The major arguments for the topic are as follows:

  • An ideal wife is one who lives according to the wishes of the husband because of women regard husbands as God.
  • In the male-dominated society, women find themselves in a better position to live according to the wishes of their husbands.
  • Women are labeled as the weaker sex.
  • Women are submissive.
    Prepare four arguments against.

Question 15.
A seminar on ‘Increasing Environmental Havoc’ was conducted in CMI Public School as per the following programme. Read it carefully and prepare a report of the seminar in about 200 words

CMI Public School
Kozhikode -17

Topic : Environmental Issues, Havoc
Venue: School Auditorium
Date: 18.02.2016
Prayer:  School choir
Welcome speech:  Sri. Ashok Mehta (Principal)
Presidential address: Sri. Mathew Stephen(MLA)
Inaugural address: Smt.SugathaKumari (poetess and environmentalist)
Felicitation: Kum. Aruna Bhasin (Staff representative)
Mr. Vipin Das (Student representative)
Paper: 1. Mr. Shyam Kumar M K (What is the environment)
presentations  2. Ms. Ashmy Salim (Causes of environmental degradation)
3. Merin James
(Consequences of environmental degradation)
4. John Koshy (Role of students in preserving environment)
Interactive session
The vote of thanks: Mr. Jens Janus (School chairman)
National Anthem: School choir

Question 16.
“I was in to see Gresham this afternoon. He told me about the offer he had made you.
But he knew that no amount of money would make you do something you thought wrong,” said Marshall to Baldwin. If John Gresham narrated the incident that pre­ceded this talk to Marshall, how would he explain it? Write your answer in the first person narrative.
Question 17.
Shaheen Mistri says “I began to notice the disparity that existed in different peoples lives.” In our society, there exists a wide gap in inequality even today. So, your school has decided to conduct an essay competition on this topic, ‘The importance of equality in India, in order to propagate the idea of a right to equality. You want to participate in the competition. Prepare the essay on the topic.

Qns (18-20)Read the given excerpt from ‘Amigo Brothers’ and answer the ques­tions that follow.
“Ladies and Gentlemen,” The announcer spoke slowly, “Now is the moment we have all been waiting for for the main event between two fine young Puerto Rican fighters.”

Question 18.
Who are the fighters referred here?

Question 19.
Give a description of the occasion.

Question 20.
What is the tension created at the moment denoted in the passage?


Answer 1.
The problem of drug abuse.

Answer 2.
The easy way is to see what drugs do for one when one feels depressed and to imagine what it can do when one feels good already.

Answer 3.
The drug-related disorder is found externally at first. But they gradually affect the mind. The addict often feels that people are looking at him strangely. He is not sure when people smile at him that they were not really; laughing. The addict can even lose his sense of being alive. He feels ‘dead inside’. An ad­dict who loses his sensory deprivation may feel that the sun is shining, the flowers are in | bloom, and these are the signs of a good day, but pressing his chest, he doubts whether it is in here. Addicts often press their fingers deep into their arms or legs as if to reassure themselves of their own reality.

Answer 4.

  • Don’t smoke in the forest. Fires breakout I ’ easily at this time of the year
  • I look forward to seeing my friends again.
  • I’m afraid; we have run out of apple juice, Will an orange juice do?
  • Your website has helped me a lot to; keep up the good work.
  • A friend of mine has called off her wed­ding.
  • His mother can’t put up with his terrible behaviour anymore.
  • As an excuse for being late, she made up a whole story.
  • I got carried away by his enthusiasm.
  • I just cannot do without my mobile. I; always keep it with me.
  • She was very sad because her father passed away last week.

Answer 5.
His tooth

Answer 6.
By exaggerating the pain and problems caused during a dental repair; using expressions like crushers, concrete mixers, drills I and steam rollers, the poet actually breaks the people into laughter.

Answer 7.
Ogden Nash.

Answer 8.
Lose-lost, Was-is, Once one’s, Has- have

Answer 9.
Shaheen Mistri

Answer 10.
She saw a maze of tiny alleyways, buzzing with, life and around 10,000 people lived there with no running water and no system of waste disposal. They all shared six dark cubicle toilets that lined an adjoining alley.

Answer 11.

Answer 12.
Award acceptance speech
Honorable Governor of Kerala, your Excel­lency Sri. P Sathasivam, honourable Chief Minister Sri.Oommen Chandi, Home min­ister Sri. Ramesh Chennithala and other dignitaries on and off the dais, and my dear friends,

It is indeed a great privilege and honour for Hill view Public School to receive the Na­tional Green Corps Award. I take this op­portunity to extend our sincere gratitude to all those who made this stage a reality for us.

“We won’t have a society if we destroy them. environment.” These words of Margret Tead are the soul inspiration for the activities of the Eco Club of our school. ‘Awaken to the green pastures’, the motto of our Eco Club is the true expression of our dream to make our school, homes and society green. We nurture and take care the greenery of our school to give back something to mother Earth rather than being mere parasites.

The first seed of organic farming was plant­ed in our mind by our Botany teacher who took our attention to the large quantity of poison we consume each day. Little hands joined to make the wastelands of our school a fertile farm. It found its result. When we reaped tones of farm fresh, poison free veg­etables last year, it set a golden account in the history of our school.

We have adopted a new lifestyle by reducing the electricity bill in our homes for energy conservation, using biofertilizers and most important of all by loving and caring the fel­low creatures and plants. It has helped us a lot to tread milestones in our journey of en­vironment conservation. Our eco club finds pride in declaring our campus plastic free. By planting the seeds of environment con­servation in the minds of the students and the society, we aim to build a generation which is aware of the need for protecting the environment. At this juncture, I may say, that the NGC award for us is an inspira­tion to continue the sincere efforts of envi­ronment conservation. We vow to tread the long miles of environment protection and set its flag high.

My dear friends, the world does not be­long merely to man. Every creatures start­ing from a small and to the human beings deserve a space in it. Let’s open our minds to love and care about the environment and all its creatures as our own fellow brothers and sis­ters.

Thank you.

Answer 13.
We need to change the system

It is high time that we rectified our system so as to ensure a fearless society, a society where equality is guaranteed to women. In India, we have to implement structural changes and realise that change must hap­pen from within everyone.

Crimes against women are inviting everyone’s attention like never before. As our former President Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam pointed out “when it comes to burning social issues like those related to women, dowry, girl child and others, we make loud drawing room protestations and continue to do the reverse at home”.

Even if we are very much advanced in sci­entific and technological fields, we don’t realise that we should develop morally too.

The concept of morality is related to peace­fulness for everyone. Love and fellow feeling must be inculcated in the minds of the children from their own families. Lessons of equality and social justice must be learned earlier itself. No one can teach these les­sons but children learn what they see. Par­ents should set models at home. If a child sees the love and respect given to a woman at his/her own home, he/she will naturally imbibe such values without any text. Life becomes the text. When we analyse the events happening in our country, we see that crimes against women are often treated with low priority. Do we encourage report­ing of crimes? How many women police are recruited for the help of women? Are they sufficient?

Lack of legal provisions encourages crime.
The authorised must ensure effective crime prevention. All the laws of the country must be standardised to have a maximum of one primary trial and one full appeal on facts and law.

Answer 14.

  1. Our Indian culture treats women as mothers; so they should be respected.
  2. Husbands and wives have equal status because the family will be a meaningful unit born out of love, consideration, respect, etc towards each other.
  3. Men are weaker than women as they try to dominate women.
  4. A man may have more muscle power but we can’t achieve anything with muscle power.

Answer 15.
A seminar on ‘Increasing Environmental Havoc’ was conducted in CMI Public School, Chemmannoo’r, on 18.2.2016 at 2.00 pm at the school auditorium. The seminar began with a prayer by the school choir. The school principal, Sri. Ashok Mehta welcomed the dignitaries and the gathering. Sri.Mathew Stephen, MLA of the that, in schools. Smt. Sugatha Kumari the poetess and environmentalist while inaugurating the seminar commented that our environment could be safeguarded only if ‘ the present generation consider and care for our earth as their dear mother.

Kum. Aruna Bhasin, Staff representative and Mr. Vipin Das, representative of the students felicitated the seminar. Different papers on topics like ‘What is the environment? ‘Causes of environmental degradation,’ ‘Consequence of environmental degradation,’ and ‘Role of students in preserving environment’ were presented by Mr. Shyam Kumar M K, Ms. Ashmy Salim, Ms. Merin James, and Mr. John Koshy respectively. The paper presentation was followed by an interactive session in which many students raised their doubts. The students who presented the papers cleared their doubts by giving convincing answers. School chairman, Master. Jens Janus proposed a vote of thanks. The seminar came to an end at 5.00 pm.

Answer 16.
I was accused of misappropriating the bank’s money, which in turn, hurt the clients of the bank. I was a good boss to Mr. Baldwin, and therefore after the arrest, I begged Mr.Baldwin to say three words during my examination on trial regarding my dealings i.e “I don’t remember”. As a reward, I even offered him one hundred thousand dollars an incredible amount of money to him. His family might have insisted that Robert should consider saying “just those three words”. But he said, he simply couldn’t accept a bribe because he couldn’t bear telling a lie.

He respectfully rejected the offer. Actually, this left me to feel ashamed of myself, and I was forced to confess my crime. I realized what a good man Robert was. I knew that no amount of money would make you do something you thought wrong. Really, I was impressed by his action and decided to spread his name as a decent and dignified man. Robert Baldwin’s honesty and integrity brought him a job in another bank.

Answer 17.
“Now as a nation, we don’t promise equal outcomes, but we were founded on the idea that everybody should have an equal opportunity to succeed. No matter who you are, what you look like, where you come from, you can make it. That’s an essential promise of America. Where you start should not determine where you end up.” says Barack Obama. It is high time we should adopt the same view.

Like liberty, equality is also an important concept of Political Science. Equality is a democratic ideal and in our democratic nation, it is the most important right to be ensured. The history of mankind is the history of equality. Throughout the nook and corner of the world, the march of equality is received with cheers. Whether it is the fight of Dr. Nelson Mandela against rarial discrimination in South Africa or Sue Kyi’s fight against the military regime. Rad-hakrishnan had pointed out long back “Democracy only provides that all men should have equal opportunities for the development of their unequal talents”.

We talk of equality because people are unequal although men are born and always continue to be free and equal in respect of their rights. Equality literally means a levelling process whereby the difference between the rich and the poor, the privileged and the underprivileged can be minimised. It means that no man shall be placed in a society that he can overreach his neighbour to the extent which constitutes a denial of the latter’s citizenship”. It is essential for social justice.

Only if all the citizens are given equal opportunity to study, express their views, access job, and become successful, the society will become successful. If a society has ups and downs, development can be claimed for only a minor section. That doesn’t mean the development of the whole nation.
As no two men are equal, equality is an abstract concept. But it has a magical touch that has inspired timid millions to revolt in the past. Political philosophers and revolu­tionaries have used this concept profusely to win over the hearts of the common man. Thus, democracy as a form of government and a way of life can’ succeed only when there is equality in general and political equality in particular.

Every society that values social justice and is anxious to improve the lot of the common man and cultivate all available talent must ensure progressive equality of opportunity to all sections of the population. This is the only guarantee for the building up of a democratic and human society by which the exploitation of the weak will be minimised.

Answer 18.
Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas

Answer 19.
The tournament which was previously held at the gymnasium of Boys’ Club was shifted to Tompkins Square Park. In the morning of the fight itself, Tompkins Square was a beehive of activity. As the two climbed into the ring, the crowd exploded with a roar. The entry of Antonio in his white trunk and Felix in his blue trunk created roar among the audience. Both the boys stayed true to their pact with each other and fought their best. A cry of alarm surged through Tomp­kins Square Park as the audience was not sure whether it was a right to the death or a boxing match. The fear soon gave way to wave upon wave of cheering as the two ami­gos embraced right after the tight contest when Antonio Cruz emerged as the winner to represent the boys’ club in golden gloves tournament.

Answer 20.
A cry of alarm surged through Tompkins Square Park as the audience was not sure whether it was a right to the death or a box­ing match.

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