Plus Two Zoology Previous Year Question Paper March 2017

Kerala State Board New Syllabus Plus Two Zoology Previous Year Question Papers and Answers.

Kerala Plus Two Zoology Previous Year Question Paper March 2017 with Answers

Class Plus Two
Subject Zoology
Category Plus Two Previous Year Question Papers

Time: 2½ Hours
Cool off time : 15 Minutes

General Instructions to Candidates

  • There is a ‘cool off time’ of 15 minutes in addition to the writing time of 2½ hrs.
  • You are not allowed to write your answers nor to discuss anything with others during the ‘cool off time’.
  • Use the ‘cool off time’ to get familiar with the questions and to plan your answers.
  • Read questions carefully before you answering.
  • All questions are compulsory and the only internal choice is allowed.
  • When you select a question, all the sub-questions must be answered from the same question itself.
  • Calculations, figures, and graphs should be shown in the answer sheet itself.
  • Malayalam version of the questions is also provided.
  • Give equations wherever necessary.
  • Electronic devices except non-programmable calculators are not allowed in the Examination Hall.

Question 1.
The following table shows the F2 generation of a dihybrid cross. Identify the ‘Phenotype’ with homozygous re­cessive genotype. Find out AB: C:D.

No Phenotype No.of offspring (F2 gen.)
1 A</ 21
2 B 7
3 e 63
4 D 21

Question 2.
values of a frugivorous bat species are given below. Which value is not applicable to continents?
1. 0.6
2. 65
3. 20
4. 0.68

Question 3.
Distinguish in-situ conservation from ex-situ conservation with one example each.

Question 4.
Which of the following pairs of STDs is completely curable?
1. HIV, Hepatitis-B
2. Hepatitis-6, Gonorrhoea
3. Syphilis, Gonorrhoea
4. Chlamydomonasgenital herpes

Question 5.
Which of the following do not have similar sex chromosomes? (Homogam­etic)
1. Human female
2. Drosophila female
3. Bird female
4. Bird male

Question 6.
Feeding…………. in the first few days is essential for preventing infections in a newly born baby.

Question 7.
L.H. and FSH are gonadotrophins. Distinguish their roles in males and females.

Question 8.
Examine the following fragment of the beta-globin chain in human hemoglobin and identify the hereditary disease with reason.
Plus Two Zoology Previous Year Question Paper March 2017 Q8

Question 9.
A population of 208 people of MN blood group was sampled and it was found that 119 were MM group, 76 MN group, and 13 NN groups. Answer the following questions:
a. Determine the gene frequencies of M and N alleles in the population.
b. How do the above frequencies af­fect evolution?
Examine the pictures of Darwin’s finches given below and answer the following:
a. What phenomenon in evolution is represented in the picture?
b. Explain the phenomenon with the help of an additional example.

Question 10.
What is the advantage of   biofertiliz­ers over chemical fertilizers / Give an example for biofertilizers?

Question 11.
What is ART? Categorize the fol­lowing ARTs based on their applica­tions in male sterility and female ste­rility: GIFT, Al.

Question 12.
Which of the following sets of gases were used in Miller’s experiment?
1. CH4, no2, H20, C02
2. NH3, CH3, H20, H2
3. H2, CH4, NH3 , H2O
4. H20, N, CH4, H2

Question 13.
Which of the following combinations do not apply to DNA?
a. Deoxyribose, Guanine
b. Ribose, Adenine
c. Deoxyribose, Uracil
d. Guanine, Thymine
1. (a) and (b)
2. (b) and (c)
3. (c) and (d)
4. (a) and (d)

Question 14.
Examine the diagram of mRNA given below. Mark the 5’ and 3’ end of the mRNA by giving reasons.

Question 15.
A small fragment of the skin of a differ­ent person was extracted from the nails of a murdered person. This fragment of skin led the crime investigators to the murderer. Based on this incident answer the following questions:
a. What technique was used by the investigators?
b. What is the procedure involved in this technique?
In an E. coli culture, lactose is used as food instead of glucose. If so, answer the following questions:
a. How do the bacteria respond to the above situation at the genetic level?
b. If lactose is removed from the medium what will happen?

Question 16.
Morphine is said to be an abused drug. Discriminate the terms ‘use’ and ‘abuse’ of drugs based on this example.

Question 17.
Differentiate Active immunity from Passive immunity. Give an example of Passive immunity.